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MobilizeGreen is a DC-based national non-profit that serves as a catalyst in preparing the next generation of environmental leaders.  MobilizeGreen’s mission is to jump-start green careers for under-represented youth.  

Partner Resource Assistant Program


Are you looking to get work done?  Do you want eager and energetic Resource Assistants to bring an infusion of fresh ideas, new perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking to your work?  Are you willing to invest time and resources in providing a rigorous, immersive work and learning experience and to integrate a Resource Assistant into your team?  If so, the Resource Assistants Program (RAP) allows you to host interns who can help you advance the agency's mission while developing future natural resource management leaders.  

The Resource Assistants Program

In partnership with the USDA Forest Service,  MobilizeGreen offers Resource Assistant Internship opportunities for college students, graduate students, and recent graduates.  RAP provides flexible internship placements for individuals at least 17 years of  age.  Under RAP, qualified Resource Assistants/Interns can be placed in any Region, Station, Area, or the Washington Office of the Forest Service to carry out research or resource protection activities on behalf of the agency.  Research or resource protection activities include work that supports the Forest Service’s focus to ensure healthy, resilient forests and rangelands on federal, state, and private land, in collaboration with partners that expands access and public stewardship engagement. This means that a Resource Assistant can help you work on policy, program, science, and operations-based work in all four Forest Service deputy areas— the National Forest System, State and Private Forestry, Research and Development, and Business Operations. 

Benefits of Hosting a Resource Assistant

  • Get work done cost-effectively to help advance the agency's mission.
  • Get an infusion of fresh ideas, new perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking to your projects.
  • Resource Assistants provide a ready supply of future employees.
  • Help build the future conservation, natural resource management, cultural resource leaders.
Excellent program and I look forward to another opportunity for an intern in the future.
— FS Manager

Resource Assistant Host Requirements

To partner with MobilizeGreen to host a Resource Assistant, the unit must be willing to:

  • Provide quality day-to-day supervision
  • Identify professional developmental opportunities 
  • Enroll Resource Assistant in Person Model
  • Provide funding for position, including for NACI background check. 
  • Serve as a mentor to the Resource Assistant

To learn more about the Resource Assistants Program, to request a Resource Assistant, or to learn about other ways to work with MobilizeGreen, please contact us below.