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MobilizeGreen is a DC-based national non-profit that serves as a catalyst in preparing the next generation of environmental leaders.  MobilizeGreen’s mission is to jump-start green careers for under-represented youth.  


5 Inspiring TED Talks about Sustainability You Should See

Leah Allen

MobilizeGreen values passion, drive, and ingenuity above all else, and that's exactly what we see in our five favorite sustainability TED Talks from around the world:

1. Greening the Ghetto  - Majora Carter

As a native resident of the Bronx, Majora Carter speaks with passion about the environmental issues that affect her Bronx neighborhood and many other low-income urban areas just like it.  The Bronx in particular is plagued with multiple sewage treatment plants, power plants, and other polluting industries, and is also burdened with handling over 40% of the total waste of the New York City’s waste.  

2. What’s Wrong with our Food System – Birke Baehr

At 11 years-old Birke Baehr has a solid start on a career in sustainable agriculture. He  encourages people to think locally, choose organic, and know your farmer and know your food.  We are particularly excited about Birke's enthusiasm and drive to help change the planet.

3. How the Oceans Can Clean Themselves - Boyan Slat

19-year-old innovator Boyan Slat talks about his solution to getting rid of plastic trash polluting our water.  Using solar powered boats and the motion of ocean currents for energy, Slat says that the world’s oceans can be cleaned of plastic waste in just five years.  Visit for more information on what you can do on this issue.

4. Using Nature’s Genius in Architecture - Michael Pawlyn

Architect Michael Pawlyn is big on the idea of biomimicry, which looks to nature for inspiration for sustainable solutions to a range of problems.   Pawlyn focuses on the idea of the “closed loop,” a system in which the waste from one step serves as the fuel for another until the process comes full circle to eliminate all actual waste.  Learn more about his work at .

5.  A Drone's-Eye View of Conservation - Lian Pin Koh

Ecologist Lian Pin Koh looks at the use of drones in a new way.  Koh works in wildlife conservation in Southeast Asia and has been developing versatile drones that can be used to protect endangered species or to help biologists collect key data that can promote conservation.  Lian and his team admit they are basically boys playing with model airplanes, but we believe the work they are doing has implications for a sustainable future.