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MobilizeGreen is a DC-based national non-profit that serves as a catalyst in preparing the next generation of environmental leaders.  MobilizeGreen’s mission is to jump-start green careers for under-represented youth.  

Become a YCC Crew Member


In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, MobilizeGreen will offer residential Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) programs in the summer of 2019 for diverse young people between the ages of 15 and 18 years of age at the Monongahela National Forest.  The MobilizeGreen-Forest Service YCC program is a three-week residential program where members live and work together as a team. YCC Members work on conservation-related projects together during the day and participate in environmental education, leadership and personal development lessons, and outdoor recreation activities during the evenings and weekends. The YCC experience is unique and can create memories and friendships that last a lifetime.  Program recruitment is targeted to attract youth from diverse backgrounds, including socio-economically disadvantaged youth from urban and rural communities across the country.  Weekly Stipend is $350 per week.

YCC Member Benefits

  • Paid summer position (including travel expenses)

  • Develop collaboration and leadership skills

  • Work with other high school students from across the country

  • Explore outdoor and recreational activities such as backpacking, biking, climbing, fishing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and/or other activities during non-work and program hours

  • Learn about cultural and natural resource management careers

YCC 2019 Session Dates

  • West Virginia Session One:  June 9-29, 2019

  • West Virginia Session Two:  July 7-27, 2019

YCC Member Eligibility

We encourage all youth to consider applying for YCC positions.

  • Must be at least 15 by June 1 of the program year and may not be older than 18 years old before August 31 of the program year

  • Must be enrolled in school

  • Must be able to fulfill the essential functions of the assigned work with or without reasonable accommodations

  • Have a valid U.S. Social Security number or have applied for a valid Social Security number by start of program

  • Must be able to obtain a work permit as required under applicant’s home state laws

  • Must be a citizen of the United States or permanent resident


YCC Physical Requirements

  • Able to hike up to 5 miles a day 

  • Able to perform up to 35 hours of physical labor in a week

  • Willingness to learn to use hand tools for digging, sawing, chopping etc.

  • Occasionally lift and move up to 50 pounds


YCC Conservation-Related Work Projects

YCC members will work on a variety of projects that help protect, preserve, and restore the natural, cultural, and historic resources of the Forest Service and participating partners.  Participants work hard, sometimes in difficult conditions including deep mud, heat, and mosquitoes and flies. Examples of projects may include:

  • Restoration/ Repair/ Construction Projects

    • Trail Construction

    • Campsite Restoration

    • Fence Construction

    • Boardwalk Repair

    • Bridge Construction

    • Historic Structures

    • Boundary Marking Signage

  • Preservation Projects

    • Historic Buildings

    • Exotic Plant Removal to Protect Native Plants

    • Reclamation of Hazardous Abandoned Building Materials

    • Stream Restoration

    • Trail Demolition

YCC Member Participation Requirements

  • Demonstrates leadership skills and/or responsibility

  • Likes working with people

  • Comfortable being away from home for 3 weeks with limited phone communication

  • Wants to learn more about ecology or environmental topics

  • Willing to participate in a communal setting with a positive attitude for the entire program.

  • Must be respectful of all program participants and leaders

  • Must follow instructions, safety regulations, and guidelines and complete assigned chores

  • Must actively engage and participate in all events and environmental education programs, games, and activities